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Polyester Eaves Taping Strip

Eaves Plus taping strip is a high performance polyester sheet designed to give permanent protection where dressing an underslating felt into an external half round gutter.

  • Can be used with any underslating materials, including breather membranes, any tile or slate finishes and in cold or warm roof configurations
  • Eaves Plus will ensure long term performance of the underslating, preventing water from running behind the gutter, rotting timber fascias and rafter ends
  • Tailor made roll size. It is durable and will last the life of the building
  • Eaves Plus is NHBC recommended
  • British Standard 747, Type 5U.
Polyester Eaves Taping Strip

Pitched Roofing

Rose Roofing offers a wide range of products for use on pitched roofs; these include lead alternatives, eaves protecting and underslating membranes.